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You will be doing your ‘3-2-1 paper’ on the content of the article about securing ports in the U.S.

To continue with good citation habits, you must mention the article at the beginning of your response work as the source of the content for your response.

Here is the Format!!

Describe 3 items/points made in the article that surprised you (use 2 or 3 complete sentences for each item):




Describe 2 items/points made in the article you did not really grasp, or completely understand (about the article content-again, use 2 or 3 complete sentences for each item):



Provide 1 question you would like to ask the author about the focus of the article (spend some time thinking about the article content and try to come up with a relevant question--hint—something like …“Do you like writing about port securiy?" ....won’t cut it).

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1. One statistical fact was surprising to me, that ports have “all eggs in one basket” namely that “More than $1.3 trillion in cargo enters the country by sea annually, and approximately 90 percent of the goods consumed in the United States come by vessel…” There are two main ports, the Port of New York and New Jersey and the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, receive 50% of all containers shipped to the US, meaning that if those ports are not well protected, 50% of port traffic would be compromised....

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