The business leaders have approved the project to move forward to the next phase, the gathering and fine tuning of requirements and specifications. After reviewing the chapters in your textbook and the electronic resources, you will document the project requirements and specifications based upon your project or the case study from previous topics. For this assignment, capture and upload the requirements and specifications using the Requirements and Specifications Templates. Follow the guidelines for appropriate requirements and specification.

Create a requirement worksheet and a specification worksheet for automated workflow design. There must be five requirements and three specifications per requirement.

Continue your design (from the Topic 3 assignment) by designing a working system created in spreadsheet format to expand the objectives, stakeholder high-level requirements, and future workflows into actionable and measurable requirements. Your work system design should include the following:

A requirements document that includes at least one requirement for each of the following categories: workflow, user interface, and reporting. There should be a minimum of three total requirements.

A specifications document that includes at least two specifications for each of the identified requirements in your requirements document under the following categories: workflow, user interface, and reporting. There should be a minimum of six total specifications.

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