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The Bertolon School of Business (BSB) faculty recently approved a “Code of Ethics for BSB faculty, staff and administrators”. The document’s introduction begins with the following paragraph,
“This Code of Ethics is meant to be a living document that best reflects the culture and values of Salem State’s Bertolon School of Business (BSB). It describes standards of conduct and integrity that are consistent with the mission and ethical values embraced by the BSB’s mission statement.”
Prior to the code of ethics, the BSB faculty approved a mission statement and several values statements. The following link provides the mission and values.

We request your consulting services for the following work scope.
• Using mission, strategic objectives, stakeholder and social contract theory concepts as the analytical criteria, analyze the BSB’s current mission statement, values statements, newly approved code of ethics. In addition, use your experiences as a student (stakeholder) and interviews of the faculty (as necessary) for the facts.
• In the spirit of the BSB’s continuous improvement value, focus your analysis on areas where the various statements/values need additional scope, areas where the various statements/values need stronger correlation/agreement, and areas where the BSB needs to improve (e.g., actual practices (actions and/or behaviors)) to match the various statements.
• Based on the preceding two bullets, provide recommendations for improvement.

Pursuant to your memo of August XX, 20XX, we are pleased to provide the following recommendations and analysis you requested.

We organized the recommendations into two categories: format and analytical thinking.
We recommend you
• Use single line spacing for the memo salutation and 1.15 spacing for the body of the memo.
• Use one inch margins.
• Use Times Roman 12 point font throughout.
• Use three sections (recommendations, current situation, analysis and conclusions) to organize your memo.
• Use appendices, as necessary, to provide supplemental information.
• Apply the grading rubric criteria as part of revising and editing your memo.
Analytical thinking
We recommend you
• Provide only the relevant facts you analyzed without repeating obvious parts of the current situation the requester obviously knows
• Provide analysis of the facts using the criteria appropriate to the request.
• Ensure your analysis provides the cause and effect logic for both your conclusions and recommendations.
• Ensure your memo is internally consistent between the current situation, analysis, conclusions and recommendations.
Current Situation
The BUS 470 course is writing intensive. The memo assignments focus simultaneously on developing communication and analytical skills. The analytical skills are practical applications of business concepts to facts contained in case studies. Analytical skill development also leads to the ability to communicate cause and effect logic for conclusions and recommendations. The writing intensive nature of the course provides students with introductory expectations for the type and quality of written business communications.   
Analysis and Conclusions
Our analysis begins by applying social contract theory to MMI’s practice of stealing and giving portions of the loot to the poor. Stealing is unethical and illegal. Both aspects of stealing violate social contract theory. Furthermore, stealing has secondary and tertiary impacts. Stealing creates social unrest and de-stabilizes the community. The poor’s receipt of stolen property makes them accessories to the crime which makes them criminals and subject to prosecution. Based on the preceding, we conclude MMI should cease all stealing and robbery.

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These solutions may offer step-by-step problem-solving explanations or good writing examples that include modern styles of formatting and construction of bibliographies out of text citations and references. Students may use these solutions for personal skill-building and practice. Unethical use is strictly forbidden.

The current code of ethics are consistent with the mission of BSB of delivering high quality education. The code is also detailed which covers details about different aspects of the school that can affect various stakeholders in different ways. However, there are certain details, which if added to the code, can strengthen its purpose....

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