1. Imagine that you are the Director of Marketing for Peapod. The President has asked for your analysis concerning whether to expand to California, starting in the Bay Area. Identify and discuss the 3 most important key performance indicators for the online groceries business and how the Bay Area would measure up. (approx. 1 pg of 2 pg total write-up)

2. What would you anticipate the major cost items to be for expanding to a new area? (approx. ½ page of 2 pg total write-up)

3. What do you recommend to the President – Expand to Bay Area, yes or no and why? If you want to collect more data, define which data and why it’s important. If you want to propose a new offering, define it and say why. (approx. ½ pg of 2pg write-up)

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A KPI is not just to measuring the performance related business but role of the key performance indicator is very important for the business. According to marketing person of the company we have to focus on certain KPI’s because opening and running the groceries business online should be profitable and revenue generated for the company. For developing the proper KPI we need to start with the outcome company wants to achieve.
The three important Key performance indicators are following for opening the online groceries business are as follows-
1. Number of products and quality of product reviews – The first important KPI related to online grocery business is number of products and review of the products from various customer because this is one of the key KPI....

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