1. What steps do you think Sony should have taken to protect the company from this hack? ( ¼ of the 2pg total answers)

2. Should Sony be held liable for not performing reasonable efforts to protect its employees’ personal identities and private information? ( ¼ of the 2pg total answers)

3. Who should shareholders hold liable for the loss of millions of invested dollars in stock share price and loss of intellectual property in movies? (Abt ¼ pg of 2pg total)

4. When should the U.S. government get involved? when it did, earlier, later, not at all? (About ¼ of the 2pg total answers)

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After the hacking of Sony, a team of 4 members from the Norse corporation meeting with the manager of cyber security managers for the discussion about the hacking attacks. Also there was no security involved for hacking in the company. For checking the proper identify of the visitors there is no security guards on reception.
According to chief technology officer of the Norse, he gets shocked to see that the information security was empty and the computer were left logged in without shutting down....

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