What is the Zappos business model? 2. How did Zappos grow its busi...

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What is the Zappos business model?
2. How did Zappos grow its business? What were the key factors for company's growth?
3. Why was Zappos sold to Amazon?
4. What are Zappos’ core competencies? How sustainable are they? What role does corporate culture play in these questions?
5. How important is next-day air shipment to the customer experience?
6. How effectively does Zappos apply CRM and SCM? Please explain CRM and SCM in Zappos by giving specific example.

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The business model of Zappos is based on the core principles. The company wants to deliver the order very fast and provide the better customer services. But company is differing from other vendors of the industry in online business. For selling the products to customer company is only focused on the Online Channel. The company primary focuses on shoes but they are moving towards other product line via online sites. If we do analysis of competitive strategy of the company then they fit into the differentiation group....

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