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Weall, Suthem and Wynn Law Firm IT installation

Your firm has been asked to prepare Consulting Proposal to support the Information Technology needs of an about to be created regional law firm. You have met with Bob Suthem who will be the Managing Partner of the new firm, and should you be successful, your most senior customer contact. Bob told you that he is in the late stages of consolidating with four other small firms in the 905 area in order to create a mid size firm with one main office, to be located in the Markham/Unionville HWY 7 corridor with a small existing satellite office in each of Pickering and Mississauga to serve the east and west of the 905 region.
Your firm was asked in on the basis of similar work you did last year at an Accountants firm in Richmond Hill. Alan Moneysworth, C.A. just happens to be a close friend of Bob Suthem and Alan was very pleased with your work. After your first meeting with Bob, you felt that this opportunity was yours to win as long as you responded carefully.

Size and scope of the new firm:
There are currently 30+ lawyers and a total of 120+ staff spread around the existing 5 firms. Bob expects that at the opening of the new firm, in just under one year, that he will have 35-40 lawyers and about 150 staff in total. Over 2/3 of the staff will be located at the main office with the rest split between the Pickering and Mississauga sites. Each staff member will require at least one workstation and/or laptop computer. Each of the three sites will require one or more computer servers to act as centralised file, print and communications servers as well as to provide backup and security.

Bob stated that one of his partners was already in the late stages of negotiation for a suitable building and is expected to sign the deal within 60 days and take possession no later than 5 months from today. He expects to open the office in just under one year so that means there will be a six month period to install interior wall panels, furnishings, communications and computer equipment. Once the opening date is fixed, staff will be hired so there will be no flexibility in the ready date.

Your opportunity:
Bob would like your firm to project manage the design, purchase, installation, testing and training of about 150 computers, and 5 or more computer servers. This includes cabling within the building but does not include telephone services which are being provided by an other contractor. There are existing high speed communications lines into the building so you need to connect to these lines but do not have to acquire them. The purchase of new printers, facsimile and other computer peripherals are excluded from scope but your system is expected to work with industry standard devices.

Alan the accountant told Bob that if you plan about 6-7 thousand dollars per employee you should have enough money to cover a suitable system. Bob knows that desktop computers can be purchased for under $1000 each, laptops are a little more, and software can add up quickly. By the time you add a few servers and the cost of network cables, switches, installation, training and project management, the $6-7 thousand per person seemed believable. Based on this, Bob mentioned a budget of “about a million” He did not seem to be too concerned about this amount.

Customer Requirements:
Bob stated that industry standard compatibility, reliability, ease of use and security was his primary concerns. He had little interest in the latest and greatest technology. He wants consutbut is prepared to fund wholesale replacement with the existing components given to employees for personal use or donated outside the firm.
Ongoing maintenance and support of the new system after installation and initial training is completed would be a natural follow on to the initial project but is not included in the scope of this initial project.

Consulting Opportunity (Note this section is very important for Consulting course work as it differentiates the consulting engagement from the IT implementation project to follow)

Bob Suthem thinks that a conventional implementation of standard tablet, desktop and laptop computers should serve the new firm well for the next few years. He is concerned that with the recent advances in mobile devices and cloud computing, that he may be missing out on an opportunity to create a unique IT solution for his firm. He told you that “he does not know what he does not know” As such, before implementing a conventional installation of IT hardware and software, he is willing spend $100-200K on consultants to examine his current work processes and technology and present options that might make his firm truly unique in the use of technology to support the growth of his law firm rather than just using the same tired old solutions most of the law firms use.
Bob has heard that your firm has provided not just conventional solutions to other firms, but in some cases have suggested technology that significantly improves other firms internal productivity as well as providing quicker service to clients.

He has asked you to come back with a proposal to provide the consulting services to examine current state and present options. You need not actually present detailed options (although you could mention some that might be considered) as the next meeting, but rather provide a description of how you would approach this opportunity and explain why you believe your firm has the right people and methodology to provide those services if hired to move forward.

• Deliverables:
Consulting Proposal: a 5 pages document

Content Requirements: For the proposal you should be answering the question, “Why should the law firm hire our firm?”

Although your headings may be different, insure that you include a section that covers each of:

1. Our understanding of your (Customer) Requirements
2. Our proposed list of potential options
3. Our management approach
4. Our team

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1. Introduction
On April 3, our firm received the directives to engage in quantitative research aimed at meeting the IT needs of a law firm headed by Weall, Suthem, and Wynn. Through a series of meetings with Mr Bob Suthem, our experts have read and understood the requirements of the company and confirm that our firm is in a position to meet not only the demands of the company but also offer professional advice that will increase the technological competitiveness of the business in the future. The purpose of this proposal is to identify the key requirements of the firms as defined by our experts and offer several possible options given the working environment in which the company is set to operate. Moreover, through the review of the requirements, our company invites the client to clarify any issue he feels inadequately covered, and to facilitate in opening dialogue to create accurate expectations. The proposal will also outlay the structured design created by our expert teams, which will act as an overview of our capabilities in meeting the requirements within the stipulated time without compromising on any of the central requirements....

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