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Assessing New Market Entry Case


After graduating, you join an international education startup. The startup coordinates with pre-college students want to attend university in the US. International students are often unfamiliar with the US college-application process, particularly since in many countries university admissions is determined by performance on a single, government- sponsored exam. Students struggle to compile a strong application packet, have little idea which colleges and universities they should target, and do not fully utilize the financial aid and scholarship opportunities available to them. Your startup guides students through the application process, and, moreover, provides on-going support for students after they are admitted to help them acclimatize to American culture and lifestyle, and succeed academically.

Of course, your firm is a social enterprise startup, not a charity. At the end of the day, students pay for your services.

After initial success, the company is considering expanding its reach into a new market. Your job is to provide a recommendation. As part of this strategic decision, you’ve compiled a dataset of a few relevant market indicators for the countries under consideration. Specifically, using publicly available data at Gap Minder, you’ve compiled the following metrics:
• The total male population as of 2015
• The total female population as of 2015
• The 2015 GDP per capita
• The % of total income earned by the top 10% highest earners in 2015
• The % of total income earned by the top 20% highest earners in 2015
• The amount of money (per capita) spent on higher-level (tertiary) education expressed as a percentage of GDP per capita
• The number of people between the ages of 20-39 in 2015

Download the datasets “market_entry.txt” and “Countries-Continents.csv" to answer the following questions. You should use Excel for your analysis.

You may work with others in your class, but must submit your own write-up.

1. What are the 3 most populous countries in the dataset? (Total population includes both men and women.)

2. Which three countries have the highest GDP (measured in total $)? (Remember, GDP is different from GDP per capita.) You may have to estimate this from the data you have.

3. Which three countries spend the most on higher education per capita?

4. For each continent, determine how many countries are in that continent in the data set.
Hint: You may want to add “Countries-Continents.csv” as a separate spreadsheet and do a vlookup(). You may also want to create a pivot table.

5. On average, how much does each continent spend on education ($ per capita)?

6. If we limit ourselves to countries with at least 6 million people between the ages of 20-39, how much does each continent spend (on average) on education per capita?
Hint: You may need to use an “IF” Statement to create a new column to indicate if the country has 6 million people in the right age range and modify your pivot table.

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Upon the decision to move our business to a new expansion phase, it is imperative to identity a new market field that will bring the most profitability by allocating the largest resources and staff as well as our attention. My market analysis attempts to list top three countries whose major demographics fall into the characteristics of our target customers. Specifically, we would like to identify a country with many youths who potentially choose to go to universities in U.S. after high school or do so to pursue an opportunity in the graduate schools in U.S. Furthermore, we would like to focus on the countries that would want to increase more high skilled people for their economy given the generation of parents have enough financial resources to send their children to the U.S.

Consider the target demographics by age. The top five countries with the largest 20-39 year old population are: India, Indonesia, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Russia. For the immediate short-term return, this demographic population is important because it includes the college age population and the young professionals who may want to spend a few years in U.S. to acquire skills that can bring back to gain higher return....

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