You and several friends that are CIS majors recently met for coffee. The high cost of textbooks and the inability to find reasonably priced used textbooks was discussed. So you decided to try to do something about it.
You formed a club called CIS Students at Work (CIS-SAW pronounced seesaw). The club decided to hold an on campus book exchange at the beginning of each semester. Having just completed a course covering information system analysis and design, you decide to design an information system which would help the club and run the campus book exchange.
Members of CIS-SAEW have spend several hours discussion how the book exchange would work. Up to this point, there have been a few informal discussions between member of the CIS_SAW, college administration and the bookstore. From those discussions, the following list of requirements has been developed.
All books will be sold on a consignment basis. This means that CIS-SAW will not actually buy used book from the student to resell; it will simply act as an agent to bring buyers and sellers together. CIS_SAW will do this a service to fellow students so there will be no fee for the use of the book exchange.
CIS-SAW will obtain from the college a copy of all book titles that will be required for course in the upcoming semester. This list will include ISBN, book title, authors, edition, course title and number, and professor name. This information will provide CIS-SAW the information needed to make sure they only accept books that are being used that semester.
When a seller drops off book/books to be sold, he/she will receive a receipt for each book that includes the seller information, book information and the sale price. The seller will determine the sale price for each book they want to sell.
After books are dropped off to be sold, each book must be identified and tracked so the CIS-SAW can tell which sellers’ books have been sold. It is not clear at this time how this tracking should be done, but the sales price for each book need to be clearly marked on the book.
Buyers will enter the book exchange area and be able to browse the book stacks (organized by course) to choose which books they would like to purchase. They will then take the books to a checkout area. Upon checkout, the book price must be verified against the price the seller specified. The buyer will pay for the book/books selected. Once a book is sold, record of the sale must be made. It is not necessary to record information about the buyer - only what book they bought and the money accepted.
At the end of the book selling period, each seller will receive a check for any of their books that have been sold. In addition to the check, the seller will receive a list of their books the seller is directed to pick them up. If the books are not claimed within 30 days after notification, the book may be sold to a recycler.
To allow for adequate business decision-making, controls, and accountability, the following information must be available:
- During the sales period, total receipts must be accounted for on a daily basis
- During the sales period, a current inventory list that shows books that are available for sales along with seller and price must be accessible. This should allow anyone to look up a book by title or by course.

Task: Using the CIS-SAW case study and your previous assignment review, identify all the actors that will use the CIS-SAW book system. Using the actors you identified above, develop a list of use cases.
Draw the Use Case Diagram for the above using Visio.

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