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Collection and Use of Data in Economics Data Analysis
Project 2: Multiple Linear Regression
Assignment: You are to collect data for a multiple linear regression. You must collect and assemble your own data set and you must collect at least 50 observations for each variable. Write-up: You will need to turn in a report that summarizes your analysis in two pages or less of text (not including figures and tables of results, which should be presented separately at the end of the write-up). In your write-up, you need to describe your data, write out and explain your empirical model, and offer a detailed discussion of your results.

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I. Introduction
If you ever have a chance to become a baseball coach for a professional baseball team or even a coach for a local high school baseball team, you may want to know what characteristics of pitchers and what ways to use the player that generate good performance out of them. I used top 70 pitchers from MLB teams from 2014 season by ERA (Earned Run Average) and examined what basic statistics of players explain a good performance of them in terms of ERA. A pitcher is considered as a good player when he has a lower ERA. Given 10 basic statistics of the pitcher performance, I am interested to know if GB (number of Ground Balls), FB(Fly Balls) and G/F(Ground Ball to Fly Ball Ratio) have any positive impact on ERA statistic as they...

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