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1. Describe a potential new energy investment project in a specific country other than the US (and not in one of your countries if your part of the data array involves specific countries) that will substantially affect your part of the share data array directly or indirectly if it is successful. a. Identify your part of the data array: b. Describe the general nature of the project: c. How will the project affect your part of the data array: d. Fill in the following table (the individual cells in the table will expand as you type in them) for a list of components (variables) that should enter an equation for calculating LCOE for your project. Name of Variable Identify what the variable measures Data sources for the variable Sources of uncertainty regarding measured magnitudes for the variable Degree of uncertainty regarding measured magnitudes for the variable e. Describe how you could gain an understanding of which components create the greatest problems for your LCOE calculation. f. $ Annual Energy Output In this graph sketch what LCOE looks like for a series of projects capable of producing energy outputs from very low to very high (using the same technology you have chosen for this question). g. On your graph sketch in another LCOE curve for a different technology. Explain here why they are different. Question 2 has 224 words; you may add up to 350 words. Total words (question + answer =_________) 2. In much of the less developed world, biomass is commonly used for energy. a. Briefly identify characteristics of the biomass that is used most commonly that make it desirable or undesirable as an energy source. b. Briefly identify common characteristics of the populations that depend on biomass that affect potential beneficial changes in their situations. c. Briefly describe the likely efficacy of distribution of subsidized solar PV as a means to promote beneficial change. d. Briefly describe and alternative policy and compare its efficacy to the one in c. 3.Air pollution from fossil fuel combustion. a. Use a carefully and completely labelled graph to help you explain how the optimum level of pollution varies systematically across countries. b. Use this analysis as part of an analysis of the prospects for global emissions reductions. Question 7 has 45 words; you may add up to 100 words. Total words (question + answer =_________)

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a. Identify your part of the data array:

The data array consists of the details of the various stakeholders.
The stakeholders include:

Farmer: From the coffee farmers various data variables shall be used, which include the phone number, the Identification number, the location of the farmer, and coffee produced per day, the conversion factor of the coffee brought to coffee wastes proportionally to the number of raw coffee brought.

Regulators: The data array shall contain data concerning the regulators in the coffee industry. The variables contained in this case include, the name of the agency, the role, the objectives, and the relevant charges.

The equipment and materials suppliers: The list of the suppliers of the equipments and materials shall be incorporated in the data array. In concern to this, the variables should contain the name of the company, the materials supplied and the amount per item.

List of employees: Bearing in mind that it is a new entity, a list of employees shall be included in the data array. The data should contain variables such as the name, ID No, the date of appointment, salary, and next of kin among others....
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