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a. Identify your part of the data array:

The data array consists of the details of the various stakeholders.
The stakeholders include:

Farmer: From the coffee farmers various data variables shall be used, which include the phone number, the Identification number, the location of the farmer, and coffee produced per day, the conversion factor of the coffee brought to coffee wastes proportionally to the number of raw coffee brought.

Regulators: The data array shall contain data concerning the regulators in the coffee industry. The variables contained in this case include, the name of the agency, the role, the objectives, and the relevant charges.

The equipment and materials suppliers: The list of the suppliers of the equipments and materials shall be incorporated in the data array. In concern to this, the variables should contain the name of the company, the materials supplied and the amount per item.

List of employees: Bearing in mind that it is a new entity, a list of employees shall be included in the data array. The data should contain variables such as the name, ID No, the date of appointment, salary, and next of kin among others....
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