It shall be no less than three double spaced typed pages and no more than five.
You may choose from any Macro-economic topic that have been covered in this course, some suggested topics:
Public spending
Gross Domestic Product
Fiscal Policy
Money and Banking
Balance of Payments
Global Trade
The research paper is expected to present quality rather than quantity.
The research component requires to update Quantitative data to the latest available.
Please include the “List of References” or “Work Cited” in your paper. Minimum of three references are required, excluding Wikipedia.
The structure of the Research paper must comprise of Introduction (1st paragraph), Economic Analysis and Conclusion (last paragraph)

In the Introduction, you should explain why the topic is relevant for you and finish explicitly with a research question.
The Economic Analysis section is the body of your paper. It sets the arguments to answer the research question with the latest data you found and ideas from refereed articles. You should be able to use key microeconomic terms to analyze the data and all information you have in the argument. Make sure you explain graph and tables inserted in this section.
The Conclusion should also be 1-paragraph long, and it should answer the question set in the introduction. Be sure there is a strong connection between the introduction and the conclusion. You can also expand on the implications of your answer and predict something about the future.

rational coherence and quality of the argument are key
Use font Times New Roman, size 11-12 and double space.
APA. style.

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Recession can be defined as the time when the business activities reach the top and start to fall to time they bottom out. A recession may last for approximately six months to a year and a half, and it is usually considered to be a part of a business cycle. Many people believe that a recession occurs as a result of the failure in the deregulation of financial markets in the previous years. However, a recession is caused by the impacts of government and monetary policies in the ...
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