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1) What 3 items of important information does the balance sheet reveal about the financial position of the company over the last two years?
The company’s current assets are $16,388 Million in 2012 and decreased to $11,573 Million in 2013. Current liabilities are worth $14,031 Million for 2012 and $12,777 Million in 2013. Current ratio computed for the year 2012 is 1.20 and for the year 2013 is 0.91. This means that during 2012, the company has 1.2 times more current assets than current liabilities and shows that the company can easily make current debt payments. For the year 2012, a current ratio of 1.20 is adequate since this would mean all current liabilities could be covered by the current assets. For the year 2013, the current liabilities are higher than the current assets and the company’s current assets are not enough to cover the current liability payments....

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