Efficient Urbanization and Equitable Income Growth (1155 words)

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You must submit a 2-3 page paper giving a clear outline of your project. It should contain:
A clear introduction describing the development issue you chose and the way you have decided to analyze it. The question that you are trying to answer should be included in your introduction
A summary of your essential ideas or arguments you plan to elaborate on. Try to limit yourself to 3 main points. Feel free to make subsections where needed. Try to base your arguments on the theoretical analysis you learned in class.
A clear plan of how you are going to answer the question you have proposed. The plan should include a description of where you can find the data you need and what you plan on doing with it.
A conclusion in which summarize the main points you have developed so far.
A bibliography where you list the references and data used. You may add an appendix for graphs, data, or mathematical derivations.

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There is a clear and well-documented positive relationship between urbanization (increases in the urban/rural population ratio) and per capita GDP . However, the positive relationship does not prove causality nor does it tell us anything about changes in income inequality. In particular, some cities and countries have managed increased urban populations far better than others. (See Exhibit I.) An important question today, given the forecasted increase in urban populations globally , is: What factors lead to well-managed urban population growth and associated (and equitable) income growth?
Here, the World Bank CPAI public sector management and institutions cluster average is used as a proxy for well-managed public development efforts presumably supporting efficient urban growth, among other...

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