Beyond the Affordable Healthcare Act, what has changed or is chancing to improve healthcare costs, the quality of healthcare, and the way healthcare is dispensed.

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The Underway projects to Increase the Efficiency of USA healthcare Systems
According to National Health Expenditure Projections (NHEP, 2015) the medical expenditure of American is expected to increase by 5 trillion in the next five years. One of the persistent reasons for the anticipated increase in medical bills is the inefficiency in Medicaid and Medicare programs (Szczerba, 2014). The two programs run under the monitor of the government a factor that reduces their efficiency as well as the billing systems. For decades, the trend has led to challenges in medical providence as well as the government expenditure on health promotion. Additionally, the eligibility of the Medicaid program limits the number of individuals who assess the state despite the government spending on the programs. Similarly, due to the complexity of the programs, insured patients rely on cash-outs for quality and efficient medical care. In the end, these factors adversely affect the medical systems in the country....
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