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Managerial Economic/Dec-Making
Case Analysis Worksheet
- Define the Problem: Describe the type of case and what problem(s) or issue(s) should be the focus of your analysis
- List any course concepts that can be applied: Write down any principles, frameworks or theories that connect your course to the issues of this case.
- List relevant qualitative data: Evidence related to or based on the quality or character of something.
- List relevant quantitative data: Evidence related to or based on the amount or number of something.
- Describe the results of your analysis: What evidence have you accumulated that supports one interpretation over another.
- Describe alternative actions: List and prioritize possible recommendations or actions that come out of your analysis.
- Describe your preferred action plan: Clear statements of what you would recommend. May include short, medium and long-term steps to be carried out.

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1.0 Defining the problem
This case analysis focuses on the Regal Carnation, Hotel, Guam (the “Hotel”) case by Jim Kayalar. The analysis is centered on the root problem portrayed by the experiences of one of the hotel guests, Steve McKenzie. It examines the problem of unavailability of information and the impact this can have on customers and the business. The case analysis also examines the lack of clear leadership at the top as a possible root cause of the problems the Hotel is facing.
The focus of the analysis is the apparent misrepresentation in the Hotel’s website which gives visitors the impression that the Hotel offers better services than it actually does. According to the case, a majority of customers make their bookings through the hotel’s website, but as McKenzie points out, the glossy pictures on the website do not reflect the physical conditions guests find at the hotel. The website gives a false impression, thus the analysis will focus on lack of information.
2.0 Applicable course concepts
Root cause analysis is the primary applicable course concept, and this analysis will apply it to determine the real cause of the problems facing the Hotel (Wilkinson, 2005). McKenzie describes multiple issues ranging from the poor state of the rooms, to poor customer service, but what these issues show is that there is something fundamentally wrong with how the hotel is managed.
The issues...
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