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Analyze product purchase decisions from the customer perspective. Visit the WalMart website and place 5 or more items in your shopping cart until you go over the $500.00 budget. Then, eliminate and/or exchange items until your reach a total of $500.00. Take notes on your reasoning during the process of elimination.
Shopping Rules:
◦Please do NOT check out or actually purchase these items and send the university (or me) the bill!
◦You must leave at least 3 distinct items in your shopping cart (bundled items counting as a single unit).
◦You may not place any gift cards in your shopping cart and you may not go over your $500.00 budget.
◦Keep notes on the following; Why you chose your initial items, the reasons behind the ones that were kept, exchanged, or eliminated, and the types of goods you choose, and the utility each item provides.
Briefly describe your experiences using your notes from your shopping session and the concepts of utility, marginal utility, and price elasticity. What items were in your initial shopping cart versus the items that were in your final cart? What were the reasons for keeping, exchanging, or eliminating items? What types of goods did you keep (luxury or staple)? Why?

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My Initial list of shopping over the budget of $500 initially included the following items namely
straight talk apple Iphone $199.00
Brookfield black spinner set (luggage 3 piece) $113.78
Chucky the horror collection blu ray disk collection of $39.32 (all the 6 films)
Aldr Greek Ultimate Love Valentine Gift Basket (12 Pcs) $68.86
Kisses Milk chocolate Canday $29.95
Preztel Crisps $57.30
Sweet Potato all natural Tortilla chips $70.47
This initial set of items was selected based on the needs for travelling (luggage set), tastes for the chips and the chocolates, preference to watch a horror collection of Chucky films, and also to buy a high end I phone which will increase my status among my friends...

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