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Suppose that you are given the following information: Total Population 300 million Adult, noninstitutionalized, nonmilitary population 298 million Unemployed adults 8 million a. If the labor force participation rate is 69.0%, calculate the size of the labor force million. (Enter your response rounded to one decimal place.) Consider the following table: Nominal GDP Real GDP (billions of dollars per Price Index Year (billions of dollars per year, year) (base year 2000) in constant 2000 dollars) 2000 9817.0 100.000 9817.0 2003 10,971.2 106.305 10,320.6 2006 13,306.3 116.070 11,464.0 Change the base year to 2006 in the above problem. a. Recalculate the price index for years 2000, 2003 and 2006. b. Recalculate the real GDP for the years 2000, 2003, 2006. Real GDP Price Index (billions of dollars per year, Year (base year 2006) in constant 2006 dollars) 2000 2003 2006 adjustments. Consider the following hypothetical data for the U.S. economy in 2018 (in trillions of dollars), and assume that there are no statistical discrepancies or ot Category Value Category Value Profits $2.8 Exports $1.4 Indirect business taxes and transfers 0.9 Government transfer payments 2.1 Rent 0.9 Personal income taxes and nontax payments 1.7 Interest 0.9 Imports 1.8 Wages 8.1 Corporate taxes and retained earnings 0.4 Depreciation 1.5 Social security contributions 1.8 Consumption 13.5 Government spending 1.9 a. Calculate the gross domestic income. $ trillion. (Enter your response rounded to one decimal place.) Calculate GDP $ trillion. (Enter your response rounded to one decimal place.)

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GDI is calculated as Interest +wages+ rent+ profits+ statistical adjustments
Statistical adjustments may include corporate income tax, dividends and undistributed profits.
GDI = 0.9+0.9+8.1+2.8...

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