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1. After reading the textbook and viewing the videos on Fiscal and Monetary policy: Discuss the main differences between Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy.
Include the parties responsible for each type of policy, the tools they have at their disposal, and the effectiveness of these tools in the short and long run.
2. Name one of the Fiscal policies implemented under the current Administration.
3. Name one of the Monetary policy implemented under the current Federal Board Chair.
4. After watching the video on The Great Depression and the Keynesian Revolution, explain the contributions that John Maynard Keynes made to our understanding of the macroeconomy.

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The Major differences between Fiscal policy and Monetary policy is that monetary policy involves altering the money supply in the economy through the interest rate changes initiated by the Central bank of any country while fiscal policy involves the changing of tax rates and government spending by the government of any country which would influence the aggregate demand in any economy.
Monetary policy generally refers to the credit control measures that are taken up by the Central bank of any country to control the investments and the credits given to the businessman in that country....

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