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More and more mobile deals are now including unlimited voice calls and SMS.
The main difference between these deals is essentially the amount of data offered, and overbidding strategies on this matter are dangerous.
Despite more advantages being offered, particularly in data volumes, prices of mobile plans tend to decrease, and operators must continue to invest in their network (capacities, new technologies).
What could be some of the possible ways to develop mobile deals while avoiding this downward spiral which jeopardizes the economic model of mobile operators?

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Mobile service providers industry is having a oligopolistic market structure. It has the characteristics of differentiated products (unlimited voice calls or SMS while limited data that are being promoted as bundle offers), few firms prevailing in the industry and also price and non-price competition among the few players of the industry. In this paper the discussion is based on the market structure of mobile service providers industry in the US and what would result in the raising cost conditions and sticky prices of the various plans offered by the companies in the industry. The various non-price competitive tools like promotional strategies are also discussed.
What type of industry or market structure does the mobile service providers belong to?
There are basically four types of market structures – where perfect competition and monopoly are the two extremes and oligopoly and imperfect competition are prevailing in between these two extremes. In the perfectly competitive market structure, there are numerous number of buyers and sellers buying a homogenous product which makes the firms in the industry as price takers. These suppliers in the market do not have any control over the price and they sell the same homogenous product in the market. Here they are known as the price takers and they can only determine the quantity according to the cost conditions they are facing....

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