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A. Find an article in a recent newspaper or magazine that describes at least one fiscal policy either enacted or proposed (if the article mentions more than one, choose one to focus your review on).   Briefly summarize the article (2-5 sentences).
B. Identify and describe the type of fiscal policy be very precise in what it is.
C. Explain how government action can/may improve the economic recession.
D. Graph the government action using the aggregate supply and aggregate demand model and explain the current situation and then show how the government action will change the situation. (Should match your explanation above!)
E. Turn in a copy of the article (or a link) along with your explanation. (Be sure to include the date and source of the article if not printed on the copy.)
F. If you wish to do a summary on another topic please check with me for approval.

The Article from Forbes Magazine: “A Tax Cut Is On The Way In The U.S., But The Devil Will Be In Trump's Details” (Gleckman, 2016)

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Introduction and summary of the article:
In the article in Forbes magazine, it discusses the fiscal policy of tax cuts by over $6.2 trillion over the span of the next ten years in the US, such that the recessionary trend would be offset by the expansionary fiscal policy. Regarding who will benefit most from the tax cut, it is said that income tax would benefit the households of all...

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