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Chapter 8: Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Do not write in this book PO 1. What is the difference between a production plan and a master / production schedule? 2. Why are there different types of master production schedules? / 6) 3. Name the two classifications of MPS 167 4. Discuss the difference between the two MPS classifications One of the MPS classifications in Questions 3 and 4 can be divided 16% into subcategories. Discuss these subcategories. How do a cumulative and noncumulative PSI graph differ? or grapit uirrer? 7. From the following PSI plan, answer the following questions: 4000 3000 2000 Production 1000 Sales J F M A M J J A S o N D Month a. When will the level of inventory be highest? Dec. b. When will there be zero inventory? Jan. c. During which period will demand exceed supply?June-Jul d. During which period will the production rate exceed the saled rate? Chapter 12 Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Do not write in this book. 1. Shop floor control is often called 2. What is the difference between backward scheduling and forward scheduling? 3. What are some ways in which capacity can be adjusted short term? 4. A company had planned input to a machine for five days as 90, 90, 45, 92, 92 and actual output was 89, 86, 46, 90, 92. What is the cumulative variance for the week? 5. Using control charts, develop three recommendations for AAA Printing Company. AAA Printing produces the literature that goes with a bicycle. Downtime often occurs with the machine used. This affects delivery times. Over the last month (20 working days), the daily downtime in minutes has been as follows: 20 35 15 65 15 20 40 30 10 15 15 10 20 40 15 20 15 35 25 15 The company checked the last four days and found that the machine had stopped for five reasons-reasons A, B,C, D, and E. On day the stops were because of B, then DEACACBEAC On day 2 the stops were because of A, then ECBECCAD On day 3 the stops were because of B, then CBACDECD On day 4 the stops were because of C, then ADCACBDC Chapter 13 Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Do not write in this book. 1. Name and describe the seven categories of waste. 2. Which categories of waste can be reduced by having parts and materials arrive just-in-time? 3. Which category of waste is Kanban used to control? 4. List and discuss the six rules of Kanban. 5. Describe the five-step method for reducing set-up time. 6. What is considered the worst offense against cost reduction?

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1. In the case of production plan, it depicts a set of numbers which states what the managers of the company would like to produce or hope to produce; in the case of Master Production Schedule, it states what the managers plan to produce and it cannot be too longer over a year or too shorter of less than a month. In the case of MPS, the time period is usually referred to as bucket.

2. There are different types of Master Production Schedules as the information available with the organizations for production scheduling and the need of information in the various systems of the organizations differs. However they can be broadly classified into two categories.

3. The two categories of MPS are make to stock products and make to order products. The difference between the two is that make to stock products are put into finished goods inventory before receiving the customer’s order; whereas make to order products are completed only after receiving the order from the customer....

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