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Your assignment is to collect salary and performance data for the players on your NHL team. Collect your player data for the 2014/15 season and assemble it in an excel file as follows (as before, any data that you collect will need tobe documented with respect to your source(s)) Column Category: A Player Name B Player Salary C Games D Goals E Assists F Defence (Dummy variable) G Penalty Minutes H Leadership (Dummy variable) Once you r have acquired and assembled your data, you will need to performthe following two regressions with "Salary" as the dependent variable: NHL (only use players with at least 20 games played) Salary ß1 Goals ß2 Assists 3 Defence ß4 Penalty Minutes Salary ß Goals ß2 Assists ß3 Defence ß4 Penalty Minutes ßs Leadership Problem #1 (40 points 30 for data and 10 for result presentation) What are your regression results? Present your team specific set of regression results as in the examples below: NHL Regression Results Salary = $645 198.07 $46,987 02 Goals $67,018 24 Assists $622,819. 75 Defence $788. 62 PIM (0.000) (0.000) (0.000) .000) (0.687) o-value Salary $756,607 94 $37,798.22 $48, 151.24A+ $592 896 80 D $1,332.97 PIM $1,842 607.82 Leader (0.000) (0.000) (0.000) (0.000) (0.462) (0.000) Problem #2 (15 points) Given your results for your NHL team is there variable in these team specific regressions that you performed which you expected to have a greater/differen impact on salaries? Why? Problem #3 (25 points) Suppose that Salary $756,607 94- $37,798. $48. 151.24A $592 896.80 D $1,332.97 PIM . $1 ,842,607.82 Leader (0.000) (0.000) (0.000) (0.000) (0.462) (0.000) continues to represent the 2014/2015 NHL as whole. Calculate (in your excel file) each of your players estimated salary based on their 2014/2015 performance. Which players on your team were overpaid? Which players on your team were underpaid. For example, for the Buffalo Sabres (partial numbers from different season) Name 2011 Salary Estimated Salary Difference (actual est Effect Jason Pominville 5500000 5787670 -287670 underpaid Thomas Vanek 6400000 5197948 1202052 overpaid Drew Stafford 4000000 4738401 738401 underpaid Tyler Ennis 875000 2219793 -1344793 underpaid ChristianEhrhoff 10000000 2775930 7224070 overpaid Ville Leino 6000000 1856237 4143763 overpaid Brad Boyes 4000000 1773264 2226736 overpaid Tyler Myers 875000 2330171 -1455171 underpaid Luke Adam 737500 1597441 859941 underpaid Paul Gaustad 2500000 3252008 -752008 underpaid Andrej Sekera 4250000 1920418 2329582 overpaid Marc-Andre Gragnani 550000 1890307 1340307 underpaid Problem #4 (20 points) Can you think of variable that we might have left out that could help explain the variation in salary? What variable did youthink of and why might it be related to how players are paid in the NHL?

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Problem #1
NHL Regression Results
The relationship between dependent variable Salary and independent variables Goals, Assists, Defence, and Penalty Minutes (Defence is Dummy Variable) can be described by the linear equation:
Salary = -$1119560 + $97931.26 Goals + $53788.06 Assists + $2096591.00 Defence + $24015.14 PIM...

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