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Instructions: Provide written answers to the following 2 problems. Discuss and explain sufficiently. Problem A: The Board of Schmeckt Gut was interested in the demand for our energy bars in Atollia. Therefore, the Board instructed the Research Department of Schmeckt Gut to conduct a survey in Atollia. The results of the survey are provided in Table 1. Table 1 Survey results for Atollia Annual average Average income per Tariff rate on imports Number of stores demand of energy person of energy bars where energy bars are bars per person offered 106 15500 5 15 90 15810 5 15 93 16395 5 15 92 16887 5 15 91 17495 5 15 110 18282 5 16 109 19013 5 16 122 19508 5 16 82 19898 10 16 84 20276 10 16 102 20702 10 17 92 21550 10 17 115 22197 10 20 112 22330 10 20 109 22754 10 20 148 23619 7.5 20 143 23855 7.5 20 139 24452 7.5 20 158 24941 7.5 23 142 25514 7.5 23 158 25948 7.5 23 1. Using the results of the survey provided by the Research Department, see Table 1, the Board would like you to investigate the demand for our energy bars in Atollia in more detail. More specifically the Board is interested what the impact of offering our products at another store might have on the demand. Hint A: You should make use of Microsoft Excel tools discussed in the Module End Learning Activities of Modules 1 to 3. Hint B: You should run a linear regression analysis to investigate the potential impact of offering our product at another store. Problem B: The members of the Board of Schmeckt Gut are scheduled to meet with the Trade Minister of Industria. The Board is interested in convincing the Government of Industria to establish closer economic links with Atollia. 1. Based on the regression results that you have estimated as part of Problem A, what can we tell the Trade Minister about the impact of the tariff? 2. Use an applicable diagram discussed in Module 4 to explain the impact of the tariff on our energy bars. Problem C: The Board of Schmeckt Gut wants to convince the Government of Industria that a Free Trade Agreement with Atollia would be beneficial for Industria's economy. 1. Develop a brief for the Board on the benefits of Free Trade for both countries and industria in particular. Incorporate the results of your regression analysis and use theory and graphical support.

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We can see that the model is a good fit as the Adjusted R-square is as high as 0.8985 which means that 89.85% of the changes in the dependent variable is affected by the variations in the independent variables and the model is significant as the f-value is nearer to zero. The regression coefficients are significant as their p-values are lower than 0.05 and the t-values are above 2. The regression equation can be written as...

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