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Read the article "Canada’s jobless rate hits four-decade low as hiring surges ", by Andy Blatchford and summarize the article in your own words (e.g., highlight the text’s main ideas).
Critique the article:
- explore the article’s written style (e.g., organization, language, content)
- present the merits of the article (e.g., content, argument, contribution)
- address any weaknesses of the article (e.g., flaws in argument, limitations, omissions)

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This paper emphasizes the fact that the labor market in Canada has reached the highest level in the last four decades, and includes summary statistics as well as quotes from some economists. In summary, the results of the increase in employment are considered and evaluated regarding "wage increase" and "expectations of the increase in interest rates" in the first part. Besides, the employment data are handled both in regional and sectoral terms; the cities where the increase in employment is above average and the sectors which have the highest employment developments are introduced...

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