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Please write a brief essay (write analyze data) 1 page double space with at least two paragraph about economic performances of the attached countries. Use the reflecting economic, demographic, political, and social characteristics. The analysis should also indicate a brief historical transformation of economic development, along withthe challenges these countries are currently facing for further economic progress. The contents should be combination of qualitative and numerical data analysis from the table. Income GDP Population Income GDP per Distribution Political Literacy Country Population Growth HDI rate density category capital Gini system rate (2015) Coefficient Cambodia 15,703,820 88 Middle Low 3.8 1158.7 37.9 Democracy 0.555 77.2% Ethiopia 101,853,268 99 Low 10.5 619.1 33.6 Democracy 0.442 49.1% India 1,329,839,454 441 Middle Low 5 1581.6 33.6 Democracy 0.609 77.2% Nepal 28,850,717 199 Low 3.8 732.3 32.8 Dictatorship 0.548 64.7% Nigeria 186,987,563 16 Low 5.4 359.0 43.7 Democracy 0.514 19.1%

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All the low income countries, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, and Nigeria in the list have been enjoying the positive economic growth while many developed countries euro nations, U.S. and Japan are suffering from their prolonged sluggish economic growth. The main factor that has driven the rapid economic growth in lower income countries is the globalization with which technologies get spilled over to other regions in the world quickly and resources and funds are relatively freely moved and allocated across the borders....

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