Research information on the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Read as much as you can. Write a paper on the IMF. Include:

(a) the objectives, goals,
(b) operations of the IMF
(c) how it is funded and managed
(d) describe the influence of the IMF on the world economy
(e) Give example of countries that have borrowed money from the IMF in recent years.
(f) What has been the effect of IMF loan(s) to the borrowing countries?
(g) What are the pros and cons of borrowing money from the IMF?
(h) What has been the role of the IMF in recent world financial crises including the financial crises in Europe?
(i) Why have there been so many protests on the IMF where ever they have a meeting?
(j) Should the IMF forgive loans to developing countries? Why or why not?

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Goals and Objectives of the IMF
The International Monetary Fund is an international body that was founded back in 1944. The primary aims and targets of the organization are, facilitating international trade, promoting employment as well as economic growth of countries and reduction of poverty internationally. The group is also well known for promoting worldwide monetary corporation as well as securing global financial stability. The principal objective of this institution is to enhance the economies of its member states.

Operations of the IMF
The International Monetary Fund has its operations spread all over the world. These operations are both financial and non-financial in nature. The IMF primary activity is the overseeing of economic conditions of its member states. It does this by ensuring all the members are growing economically and that none of them has a balance of payment. It can do this by offering financial assistance to countries that have financial difficulties and have unsettled debts. In order to ensure there is a fair global economic growth, the IMF is mandated with the monitoring and evaluation of foreign exchange so as to avoid unfair international trades....
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