Module 14: Decision Packages: Budget Justifications
Continuing the project from Module 13, assignment 2 (the FluQ Case) prepare a budget justification for the project for which you have made a cost estimate.

Module 15: Budget Cutbacks
You are the budget director of a small school district that has a budget of $10 million and serves 2,500 children in six schools: three elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. The school district receives its budget from the city, and city officials have told you that the city is running a deficit and the school budget is being cut by $250,000. The city provides the revenue; however, the school district does have a partnership with a foundation that provides funding for innovative and supportive programs. The budget director must present alternatives to the superintendent.
(a) What part of the budget would you first examine? Why?
(b) After that examination, what would you cut? Why?
(c) Create alternatives so the superintendent and/or board has choices.

Module 16: Legislative Budget Tools
Based on the data in Table 16.1, create totals for each funding source while still showing the departments associated with each funding source. (Hint: Subtotals and/or pivot tables are good tools to help you accomplish this in Excel.)

Module 17: Cost-Benefit Analysis
What is cost-benefit analysis? What are the main steps in conducting cost-benefit analysis?

Module 18: Life Cycle Costing
What is life cycle costing (LCC)? What are the main issues in applying LCC in the government context?

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Module 14:
The budget justification form has been shown below for the FluQ project.
Introductory summary:
The Public Health Department wants to provide the new vaccination FluQ to children under 12 years across 30 elementary schools to counter the new flu spreading across the region.
Statement of need:
There has been a new flu that has been affecting children. The new vaccine developed FluQ is expected to counter the effects and it is important to vaccinate the children so that their health can be protected and this would serve as preventive measure to contain the flu....
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