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TOPIC: Government Funding for Education

The final paper is a term paper and you are to search the literature and find a recent or current budget issue. Using the concepts and budgeting tools you have been studying this semester write a five page paper where you highlight how scholars and/or public administrator/officials are speaking on the selected issue, then discuss your point of view.

Some sources you may look at to assist in selecting a topic or issue are the governmental accountability office (GAO), the congressional research service (CRS), the office of management and budget (OMB) or various Public Administration/Public Policy Journals. Make sure your work is original. Any work that is plagiarized will be penalized harshly.

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Municipality is responsible for providing all the basic utilities and services so that the people living in the area can live a good quality of life. With the recessionary forces and the need to balance the budget, the municipalities have been on a spree to cut down education funds. As increasing number of municipalities are threatened with bankruptcy, they are implementing a range of survival strategies, one of which is decline in education expenditure. In this paper, the trends and reasons behind declining Governmental expenditure have been assessed.

Cost analysis for change in municipality spending on education
As per United States Government Accountability Office (2014), there has been a reduction in the levels of state funding that were provided to public colleges by 12% over the period 2003 – 2012. During the same period, the number of students enrolled in public colleges had increased by 20%. Rising demand for education along with reduction in education expenses does not indicate prudent budgeting strategies....
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