Google vs Yahoo: Historical Net Profit Margin and Historical Total Asset Turnover

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Write about Historical Net Profit Margin and Historical Total Asset Turnover on Google vs Yahoo (within past 10 years). Write assumptions on which company is better off in the future, past trends, etc. Include some brief information in paragraph form and also do a short Google vs Yahoo PowerPoint presentation.

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These figures depict trends in the net profit margin and total asset turnover for Google and Yahoo. Financial ratios should also be interpreted relative to the industry averages. As indicated by MSN Money, the total asset turnover for the “Internet Information Provider” industry is .3. The average profit margins for the industry are 22.9%.

Net Profit Margin (NPM) is defined as Net Profit divided by Sales. A higher NPM increases the value for the firm’s shareholders because it indicates the bottom line profit per dollar in sales. Yahoo’s NPM has more than doubled from 2007 to 2011, moving from under 10% to over 20%. In contrast, while Google’s NPM increased impressively from 2008 to 2009, it has since leveled off, and even decreased slightly over the past year. Nevertheless, at 25%, Google’s NPM remains above the industry average of 23% as well as Yahoo’s current NPM of 21%....
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