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Use the following information about XYZ Plumbing (FY=12/31), a public company with the most recent closing stock price of $5.00. to answer the following three problems: PROBLEM SOLVING Problen 1 Problem Analysis Adrain Statement Cash Flows 2015 Admin 2015 Key Pb Key Pb Cirrent Ratio Net Incume Quick Margin undments Operating Margin Depreciation and amortization Accounts turrover Cash Provided by Operating Anouts and Liabilities Inventury turnover Total 24 Receivable Accounts Inventories Total asset Pre Total Cap payable Debt Equity Net Cash provided (unond) by operating activities Matam Espity Cash Provided from Investing Activities Problem Projections Adrain Audditiona property, plant and equipment 2016E Key Ptx provided (ussed) by aventing activities of 15% frow 2015) CCES Cash Provided from Financing Activities Profit Margin by 1% frow 2015) Audditiona loag term Auldition short term bomning SCUEA by 2% from 2015) Net Cash provided by firancing activities nee by 10% dollars) Depree charge) How TotalOp Operating Profit Total 26 Inierent cont $ Instructions: Inierent $ 250,000 Pre Tan 1. All andwers goin the YELLOW shaded bostes. Tax (35%)rate) Net Incune 2. Make sure your name is written in the first YELLOW shaded box inthe "2" row IPS Hopic 3. Do not resize, rexhape or changeany of the boxex on thixpage. Dilated 4. Save this file by adding your name to the end i.e., Total 18 GRAND TOTAL 68 5. All the information needed ison this sheet and the Information Sheet $3.00

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