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Complete the critical elements each of you will need to review your selected organization’s income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements. Simple ratio calculations such as debt-to-equity ratio, current ratio, quick ratio, return-on-equity, and net profit margins can indicate how well the organization is performing in a variety of important operational measures. If you are not sure of these ratios, research them on the internet and determine how to perform them and the information they provide for your organization.

The work this week can be easily viewed as a capital budget for your house. You have decided to make a major purchase such as an automobile. What facts will you need to look at or consider if you can afford this or not? Do you have the funds to pay cash or will you have to get an auto loan? What interest rate will you qualify for and how much does that add to the purchase? What other options do you have? This is the same process for the organization you have selected and determining if they have the funds to purchase the capital items and how long will it take them to get a return on the money that is spent. If you do not use the numbers provided in the template, you will need to develop your own numbers and budget items for the prior year's information. Complete the entire spreadsheet. Remember the only reason the item will make it to the capital budget level review process is that a cost-benefit analysis has been done that will demonstrate the expenditure and the analysis that demonstrates how the revenue will be generated to get the return on the investment.

The Week 5 Excel Spreadsheet is just a capital budget templet that provides data and instructions for you to follow to complete your capital budget assignment. You can replace the name with the name of the organization you have selected. The template contains the current year’s budget so you can use that as a starting point, if you wish. As you add your information for your capital budget item, make sure you create a projected budget that accurately accounts for potential departmental revenue that will be generated, accurately accounts for all departmental expenses associated with capital budget item, and covers all of the critical elements on the Milestone Three: Departmental Budget and Outline Guidelines and Rubric.

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Proposal Item
This is a proposal to lease a van to transport patients to and from the Venice Family Clinic.

Rational for Purchase
The vehicle is expected to reduce the time and costs associated with transportation of patients and increase the speed of offering services.

Data to support rational
It is expected that this move would increase patient inflow by 10%.

Risk if item is not purchased/leased
There is considerable time wasted in transportation of patients which can be life threatening.

Strategic Goals
How does...

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