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Select any one of the following companies and prepare an analysis of the firm’s financial position taking account of the following guidelines:
Choose any of the following companies:
• Wynn Resorts

B. Outline:
• A maximum of eight (8) pages
• Double spaced
• Any evidence of plagiarized material in your report will result in an automatic ‘F’.
• Attach all referenced materials (e.g. internet web site and newspaper references)
• Neatness and clarity will be rewarded

C. Content:
• Introduction and Background information of the firm. Talk about the nature of its business or primary product, its competitive positioning both locally and internationally.
• Prepare a brief SWOT Analysis for the firm.

• On the cover page of the report provide the following.
i. Top right corner list the following: Ticker symbol of the firm, current price of the stock and your targeted or expected stock price, the name of CEO and year of appointment.

• Ratio Analysis; For each of the firms, obtain the following ratios for each of the last five (5) years, compare to industry average and use them in your analysis;
1. Profitability Ratios
a) Profit Margin On Sales
b) ROA
c) ROE
2. Debt Management:
a. Debt Ratio
3. Market Value:
a. P/E Ratio
b. Price/Book
c. PE/G Ratio
d. Enterprise Value/EDITDA
e. Enterprise Value/Sales
4. Asset Management
a. Total Asset Turnover (TATO)

6. Do an Economic Analysis of the firm.
Demonstrate the firm’s susceptibility to   Macroeconomic outlook both in the U.S. and foreign markets if applicable. A regression model will be useful. You may refer to a copies CFA Challenge reports prepared by former students of MSU.

7. Use the free cashflow model (at least a two-stage model) plus a supplementary model (EBITDA Multiples, Price Ratio Models) to forecast the expected price of the stock. This will be used to reinforce your investment decision below.

8.Analysis: Based on comparative analysis, provide support for whether you will recommend buying or shorting the stock.

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This report is based on the company Wynn Resorts. The foundation of the company dates back to 2002 and it is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is involved in the business of development, ownership and operation of destination casino resorts. Its primary operations are in the regions of Las Vegas, Nevada and Macau where it has large operations of gaming and casinos. It provides upscale and luxury hotel amenities and is known for its top notch leisure facilities. It operates in the highly competitive business of casinos and it faces competition from several players such as Venetian, MGM Grand, etc. It is competitively placed for its brand value and its presence in the top casino destinations of the world. The aim of this report is to conduct strategic, financial and economic analysis of the company to determine if it is an attractive investment.
SWOT analysis
The internal operating environment of the company comprises of strengths and weaknesses which help the company to deal with the opportunities and threats posed by the external operating environment....

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