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The companies used are:
Industry 1: Food & Beverage
B-Corp: Danone S.A
Competitor 1: Nestle
Competitor 2: General Mills

Industry 2: Apparel, Footwear and Accessories
B-corp: Patagonia
Competitor 1: North Face
Competitor 2: Recreational Equipment, Inc.

If you were to enter each of these industries, what might you do to make your company more sustainable?
a. How is this reflected in the stakeholders or social distance or efficiency?
b. How would/does government play a role in each industry?

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Industry 1: Food & Beverages
As a player in the food and beverages industry, sustainability would be most important along the product dimension. There is an increasing prevalence of obesity these days and consumers are increasingly looking for consumption options that meet the nutritional requirements and also keep them fit. Therefore, the focus would be to develop new products which cater to the tastes of consumers and are also made from organic and healthy ingredients. Replacement of harmful and unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and flour from the products and replacing them with healthier options such...

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