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Zero Waste Markets - Competition
o Current, future
o Barriers to entry
o Competitive advantages

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Current, future
The top competitors of the product are Haymarket Push Cart Association, Harvest Co-op markets, bfresh and Boston Public market. Harvest Co-op markets is a community owned market with 2 stores in MA. It also deals in organic, wholesome and natural food choices and benefits the neighborhood since it sources products from local suppliers only. Its supplier base includes only those suppliers who have proven techniques of farming and use sustainable development methods in cultivation and farming. It also provides employment to local people and has strong brand reputation in the region of MA as an organic supplier. Consumers are willing to pay higher prices for its products due to the high perceived value of its products.
On the other hand, bfresh operates with the slogan of “Freshify your life” and has 3 stores in MA. It seeks to deliver affordable fresh food so that the natural element and freshness of the food is preserved when delivered to the consumers....

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