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Comparison of 4 funds
In a clear, concise, consistent, and convincing manner, answer the following questions in your memo: 1. What are the advantages/disadvantages to the sustainable funds?
2. What are the main differences/similarities across the four funds?
3. If you had to choose one fund, which would you choose and why?
Use the information you have gathered and put in the tables to help answer these questions.

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    This report seeks to analyze the performance of 4 mutual funds which follow the same “Value” style and select stocks from the “Large Cap” market only. Even though their style and type is the same, the funds differ significantly on the grounds of socially responsible investing. The funds – Calvert International Equity A and Ariel Focus Investor strictly cater to the principles of socially responsible investing while the other two funds – Vanguard Equity-Income Inv and JP Morgan Large Cap Value A do not cater to these principles. The performance and holding of these funds have been analyzed in this report to arrive at the investment recommendation....

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