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Chapter 1: The accounting function in your chosen organisation
In this initial chapter, you are required to ‘set the scene’ for what is to come. Review the Module Project Overview for some questions and pointers that may assist you with this.
You will be addressing some of these issues in more detail in your later chapters, so remember that this is intended as an introduction to your organisation; you need not go into too much detail. Please read through the subsequent chapters’ requirements in order to plan your overall research paper to best effect at this stage.
Recommended length for Chapter 1: A4 pages (1,000-words)
Chapter 2: A financial accounting analysis of the organisation
In this second chapter, you should concentrate on the financial accounting information that is required for the organisation that you are studying. This will clearly vary depending on the organisation’s size and the regulatory rules to which it is subject. That the information varies does not matter; indeed, it is extremely interesting to consider what different requirements might apply.
You are also required to analyse the financial status of your organisation, as portrayed by the financial statements (accounts). Review the Module Project Overview for some questions and pointers that may assist you with this.
Recommended length for Chapter 2: A4 pages (1,000-words)

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The accounting function in your chosen organisation
Background of the organization
Zain Saudi Arabia is among the three most prominent telecommunication companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The firm was incorporated as a joint stock company in 2007, thus becoming the third mobile telecommunications service provider in the country. The institution of the Zain Saudi Arabia was a result of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 175. It was not until 2008 when the organization was registered under what Almashabi (2016) acknowledges as the Commercial Registration. It is also claimed that the organization paid at least $6.1 billion for a 25 years operation license. Zain Saudi Arabia was listed on the Tadawul in the very same year it was registered. The official launch of the entity’s services was in August 2008. In 2009, Almashabi (2016) claims that the firm negotiated a $2.5 billion Islamic loan. In 2013, a new chairman was appointed following the resignation of the CEO of the Saudi Telecom. The most surprising thing was that no further information was provided regarding the management change.
The chief objective of the company is to become the business of choice in the telecommunication industry of Saudi Arabia with an approach founded on innovation and market segmentation (Zain Saudi Arabia, 2010). The size of the Zain Saudi Arabia is relatively huge as defined by factors such as capital requirement and the market size. As such, the firm serves at least 46.1 million customers and has share capital constituted of more than 3 billion shares (Zain Saudi Arabia, 2010). The firm is headed by an executive management group, which is entrusted with facilitating Zain Saudi Arabia’s services in the country as well as managing the firm’s business in an attempt to meet the vision and targets as set by the Board of Directors not mentioning the shareholders. The team is constituted of the CEO, CFO, Chief Customer Service Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Chief Sales and Distribution Officer, and Chief HRM. Other essential personnel in the team include Chief Marketing Officer, Legal Director, Regulatory Senior Director, Strategy and Business Development Director, and Transformation Director.
One of the key stakeholders is the customer, whose objective is to access Zain Saudi Arabia’s services at affordable prices, be provided with adequate and high-quality network service, and his or her information to be secured. The employee is also part of...

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