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The paper project are t enable investing Your rigorous ratio and analysis, interpretation evaluation Your research probing Would selected Would capital ir the Steps 1.) 2.) Selec firm typically 3.) Obtain statement years firm's annual report EDGAR's SEC report filings: 8-k 10-Q -Curent Cashrato Quitk ratio -Dettrato -Debt-equity -Times interesteamed Profitability (prefic margin) (ROA) equity equity (ROE) 42 asstutilization -Total assot tumover Total asset turnover -Invertory turnower measures -Accounts receveble turnover 5.) Market measures ratio -Earnings per comman share Dividand peyout calegory Place your ratio calculations the table competitor category results 15 ratio measures company that willbe side. 6.) Tovalidate research, data should analyzed They must includ title page, and a reference page. For both midterm final etc. must be cited using APA means the web must have source must report Your project should include: location of af CEO number employees, and countries etc. Get balance sheet cash flow statement equity friendy themir forget to cite source under each - andpaste them you may have type information table report statement Take each the key parts words example, income statement - agross of $2 billion, Opercent EBIT .After the was percent total revenues. majo to FIVE Calculate ratios from the financial using Excel your ii. Find compare these industry ratos. ii types ratios and industry ratios is like Yahoo statistics available These include market value beta, and you think you to determine if this corporation is For sell key variables, including the stock Use prices 5 years monthly data torecast th your forecast Create: graph You can data add 2 - with forecast Include the graph ii. specificaly what forecasted value of question Is this forecast reasonable?* your analysis more forecast? Other corporation that could affect its future performance stock price. capital structure bond ratings, to projects regulation etc Search for information on the web corporation Look al company complaint blogs. the future cf this corporation average buy. poor buy ii. Include your research

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