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The main company is Aire Canada and 3 others to compare with is West Jet, Alaska Air line and United air line (Acknowledge the exchange rate for American Air lines).

Canada Annual Report
USA Annual Report
5 Years Annual Report
These are required: Horizontal and vertical analysis, Ratio analysis (Liquidity, Solvency and Profitability), profit margin and limitation of financial

You can select a company from your own industry and compare it with three other companies in the same industry.
You will be expected to use the latest financial statements of the companies.

The report will make reference to scholarly research and explicitly address the following:
-An analysis of the current business and financial health of your company. You areexpected to employ financial ratios and the Altman Z , Ohlson O, and Beneish M-scoresto examine the financial health of your chosen company in comparison to its competitors.
-A research evaluation and critical analysis of the industry sector and a financial analysisof three other companies in the same sector (using RRU library database).
-You can benchmark base on previous years’ data.
-A critical appraisal of the financial strengths and weaknesses of your chosen companycompare to the listed competitors.
-A critical evaluation of the financial techniques (i.e., ratio and the Z, O, and M-scores)applied in the analysis.
-Recommendations suitable for your company
-A reasoned conclusion and summary of your findings.
-Use charts bar graphs etc., to visualize your findings.

The report will be assessed base on the financial techniques employed and a critical discussion of the subject literature, not on a “right” conclusion.

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The airline industry in Canada has undergone significant changes since its deregulation 30 years ago (Madore & Shaw, 1993). Firms can freely enter or exit the market, thus long-term survival of companies in the industry depend on their response to market conditions. Since airline companies have to cope with demand and supply as opposed to strict government regulation, the airline industry in Canada has took the form of a duopoly with Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International Limited being the core players in the 1990s before the acquisition of the latter by the former in the year 2000. Other fringe airline companies primarily offered charter services, but the hub-and-spoke nature of the airline business means that the major carriers have formed international alliances as well as regional affiliations with the smaller players (Flouris & Walker, 2005; Czipura & Jolly, 2007).

In 2017, the Canadian airline industry grew by 11.3% following record demand and increased capacity by local carriers. Most of this growth is attributable to strengthening labour markets coupled with low fuel costs, but as fuel prices adjust in the coming months and years the rate of growth is projected to decrease. The projected growth for 2018 is 4.9%, and with increasing oil prices the profitability of the industry is projected to fall as well. Pre-tax profits for Canadian airlines in 2018 is projected to reach $1.3 billion which is about 27.8% lower than last year’s high of $1.3 billion. The desire to lock out new entrants may however lead to lower prices further denting overall industry profitability.

This paper will critically evaluate Air Canada which is one of the key players in the Canadian airline industry with a view to assessing the company’s potential for going bankrupt, gauge its ability to cover short-term debts, long-term debts and operational costs....

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