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Prepare and submit a status memo addressed to Terry Bell. Discuss the following four points:
Evaluate the resources you are using and explain how each is helping you complete this project.
Identify three or more of the key insights from your organizational and industry analysis report and how you currently anticipate they will inform your comprehensive strategic plan.
Analyze Google's approach to creating a competitive advantage. Does Google use cost or differentiation advantage or some hybrid?
Analyze Google's general corporate strategy (that is, its use of vertical integration, global strategies, and diversification).
Present your thoughts using full sentences to ensure effective communication; do not use phrases and bullet points. Use APA (6th ed.) style citations and references. Format your paper as a 2–3 page memo addressed to Terry Bell, VP of Strategy, Google, Inc.

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Google Inc is the leading search engine across the globe which occupies a sizeable portion of the total market of search engines. Initially founded as a search engine in 1998, the company has come a long way in diversifying its products and services across related lines such as mobile operating software, web browser, etc. It is directed by the mission of catering to all types of information needs of its consumers through providing timely and accurate information at best prices. All its operations are directed at the ultimate goal of delighting the customer and its offerings are also designed in a user friendly manner, as indicated by the simple design of its site and speed at which it attends to the consumer requests. Several of its products are also free (such as videos from YouTube) and these strategies have enabled it to become a one stop for consumers where they can find all the information through the use of various offerings such as Google Maps, Google Books, Google Earth, Google Docs, etc.
Resources used
Google is a global brand that has high levels of visibility and has been favorably accepted by the consumers. In order to analyze its current and future strategies, information has been collected...

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