For this part of the project you will identify and analyze the risk...

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For this part of the project you will identify and analyze the risk of your selected company. Complete the following tasks:

Select a company of interest to you. Describe the company and summarize its current financial state.
Clearly map out all of the possible risks that the company can face in the course of its business activity. To map out the possible risks, identify the factors that are specific to your selected company. Some examples of such factors are:
- The kind of business it does.
- Characteristics of its customer base.
- Characteristics of its suppliers of resources, such as raw materials or funds.
- Existence of any international trade or transaction.
- Geographic location prone to natural disaster.
Note: Factors such as terrorism or war are general risks and should not be considered for the purpose of this project.

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This report focuses on Google Inc. Google Inc is the leading player in the technology industry that seeks to cater to the varied information needs of the consumer. It is the most trusted brand in the field of search engines and its innovations in the field of advertisement and web search have contributed to its brand equity. In 2012, it had also acquired Motorola (the handset maker) which marked its foray into the mobile handset segment. The net income of the company had steadily increased over the years 2008-2012, but its net income margin has been declining over the years 2010-2012 from 29% to 21.4%. The business model is...

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