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Explore methods by which governments intervene in the foreign exchange markets to benefit their economies. Find at least five unique resources that support your research.

Also, be sure to distinguish between direct and indirect methods of intervention and provide several “real - world” examples of intervention (and the results). Review articles and sources with specific questions in mind (i.e., Does this article support my topic? How does this article apply to my topic? How am I going to use the details of this article in my paper?).

The Research Paper must meet the following requirements:
- Be at least 500 words in length (not including the title page and references page)
- Include at least five peer-reviewed articles
- Use APA Style

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Governments intervene in the foreign exchange market so that they are able to maintain the stability in the value of their currency. Smoothening exchange rate movements leads to establishment of boundaries within which the exchange rates are expected to fluctuate and this helps to increase the confidence of businesses in the economy (Dominguez, 1998). As an example, foreign companies...

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