3.) Recommend three financial goals and related activates for someone in each of the following circumstances:

A.)A junior in college
B.)A 30 year old computer programmer who plans to earn an MBA degree.
C.)A couple in their 30’s with two children ages 3 and 6
D.)A divorced 42 year old man with a 16 year old child and a 72 year old father who is ill.

5.)Assume that you graduated from college with a major in marketing and took a job with a large consumer products company. After three years you are laid off when the company downsizes. Describe the steps you’d take to repackage yourself for another field.

8.) Use future or present value techniques to solve the following problems.

a.)starting with $ 15,000 ,how much will you have in 10 years if you can earn 6 percent on your money.If you can earn only 4 percent?

b.)If you inherited $ 45,000 today and invested all of it in a security that paid a 7 percent rate of return how much would you have in 25 years?

c.)If the average new home costs $ 275,000 today how much will it cost in 10 years If the price increases by 5 percent each year?

d.)You think that in 15 years, it will cost $ 212,000 to provide your child with a 4 year college education. Will you have enough if you take $ 70,000 today and invest it for the next 15 years at 5 percent? If you start from scratch, how much will you have to save each year to have $ 212,000 in 15 years if you can earn 4 percent rate of return on your investment?

9.) Over the past several years, Gwen Fong has been able to save regularly .As a result she has $ 54,188 in savings and investments today. She wants to establish her own business in five years and feels she will need $ 100,000 to do so.

a.)is she can earn 4 percent on her money, how much will her $ 54,188 in savings/investments be worth in five years? Will Gwen have the $ 100,000she needs? If not how much money will she need?

b.)Given your answer to part a how much will Gwen have to save each year over the next five years to accumulate the additional money? Assume that she can earn interest at a rate of 4 percent.

c.) If Gwen can afford to save only $ 4,000 a year then given your answer to part a will she have the $ 100,000 she needs to start her own business in five years?

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