3. As part of the analysis if the bedos current financial situation develop an income and expense statement and a net worth sure to calculate the following:
a.)the amount of interest capital gains and other investments income earned by the bedos household during the year.
b.)any additional income obtained by the bedos including SS79 plan employeed benefit income
c.)total income and expense for the year
d.)the amount of discretionary cash flow available of the bedos
e.)the amount of discretionary cash flow plus unallocated savings available to the household
f.)the net worth of the bedo household

4. As part of the current financial situation analysis,calculate the following diagnostics financial ratios for the bedos household
a.)the current ratio
b.)the emergency fund ratio
c.)the savings ratio
d.)the debt ratio
e.)the long term debt coverage
f.)the debt to income ratio
g.)the credit usage ratio
h.)the front end mortgage qualification ratio
i.)the back end mortgage qualification rate

4.) Conduct a current income tax situation analysis for the Bedos case.Be sure to calculate the following.
a.)the bedos gross income before adjustments and exclusions
b.)their gross taxable income this amount arrived at after subtracting all pretax payroll contributions and deductions and other exclusions items)
c.)the bedos adjusted gross income
d.)the amount of interest paid on their principal residence for the tax year.
e.)the amount that should be claimed for their annual deductions (standard or itemized)
f.)their taxable income for the year end
g.) the estimated amount of federal tax owned or the amount of refund they can expect, after applying tax credits.

5.) Calculate the amount of FICA taxes with held compared to the bedos actual FICA liability

6.) Considering the bedos marginal tax bracket should they consider investing in municipal securities? Why or why not ?

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Bedos Case Problems
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