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3.) To determine and quantify the Bedo’s current education planning need, thoroughly consider the following:
a.) The future value of one year of college when Becky turns age 18
b.)The total amount of assets needed when Becky turns 18 to fully fund four years of college
c.) The amount the Bedos need to save annually to meet their education goal(s)

4.)List and discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with an in-state 529 plan. Should the Bedos consider plans offered by other states and if so which state?

6.)Based on the goals originally identified and the completed analysis,which product pr procedural strategies might be most useful to satisfy the Bedos’ education planning needs?Be sure to consider strategies matched to the planning needs identified. When reviewing strategies be careful to consider the approximate cost of implementation as well as the most likely outcome(s) associated with each strategy.

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4.) Calcualte the following for the Bedo’s
a.)The total value in current dollars,of assets that have been accumulated by the Bedos’ for retirement.
b.)The value at retirement of the retirement assets(including planned future contributions) using the current weighted average rate of return for the retirement assets.
c.)The net amount of income needed in today’s dollars that must be replaces to meet the bedos’s retirement goal.
d.)The amount of assets needed to completely fund the Bedo’s retirement starting at age 62,using a capital depletion assumption.
e.)The additional savings the Bedo’s need at age 62 to meet a capital preservation retirement goal using the assumed after tax rate of return.
f.) The amount needed to be saved annually to fund an inflation adjusted retirement scenario using the assumed after tax rate fo return.
g.)The amount the Bedos need to save monthly to fully fund their future home expansion using the assumed after tax rate for return.
h.)The amount the Bedos need to save monthly to fully fund Mia’s art gallery in retirement using the assumed after tax rate of return.

5.) Clients often request a modular plan for retirement goals. Using text bullets and graphics summarize your observations about Tyler and Mia’s retirement planning situation and the identified planning need(s).Based on the information collected, fully document and inform the Bedos of the analysis and results.

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3.) Using the financial Facilitator, calculate the following scenarios for the Bedo House hold as part of the analysis of their current estate planning situation .For each scenario, ignore an applicable state estate taxes.
a.) Scenario 1: The amount of federal estate tax due if Tyler were to predecease Mia and they both died in 2012.
b.) Scenario 2: The amount of federal estate tax due if Mia were to predecease Tyler and they both died in 2012.

4.) Evaluate and comment upon the following:
a.)The appropriateness of Tyler’s current will.
b.)The appropriateness of Mia’s current will
c.)Given their current situation ,what other estate planning documents should the Bedos have in place?

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Bedo Case Study
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