Company Financial Presentation Project
Your company financial presentation should be completed on your approved Fortune 500 company. Each presentation should last 8 to 10 minutes. Professional dress and skills are needed when presenting. The location you choose to present from should be nice and neat and free of distracting items such as pets, people, music, etc. Your presentation should include the use of PowerPoint or similar presentation program.
The presentation should include the following bullet point items:
Title Page
Introduction Slide (cover the main points you will talk about)
Slides covering the required material about the company (see required items below)
Conclusion Slide (go back over highlights of presentation)
Include a copy of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement of your company
Show the amounts used in the formulas requested below (example: for profit margin: NI/Sales = 100/1000 = 10)
Required items to cover in presentation:
Give a short description of the company, stock trading symbol, and current market price of the stock (this should not consume more than 2 minutes of presentation time)
Current year revenue amount; percentage change in revenue from last year; major products/divisions
Compute the DuPont formula on ROE; give three specific management efforts (efforts like: increase sales or improve profit margin are not specific) the company
can implement to improve this ratio
Compute the Disaggregation ROA (show in two parts); explain/show how the ratio has changed over the past year
Compute Return on Net Operating Assets; list three operating assets of the company; list one nonoperating asset or liability of the company; list three operating income statement items of the company
Compute the Nonoperating Return for the company
Compute the Liabilities to Equity Ratio (often called the Debt to Equity Ratio); is the company leveraged a lot or somewhat or not at all?: give two specific management actions the company can implement to reduce leverage?
How much did the company spend on current year Deprecation Expense?
Compute current year Percentage Used Up (this ratio relates to property, plant, and equipment of the company)
List two competitors of the company

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