1) Financial Analysis
a. Conduct an analysis of the financial performance of Target Corporation, draw supported conclusions with respect to each category: Profitability, Liquidity, Leverage and Activity. Your analysis should incorporate three-year firm historical as well as peer group performance. Provide a summary paragraph for each category above. Include an excel spreadsheet detailing your work. The spreadsheet should be in finished form able to be given to clients in a meeting as a handout.

2) Industry Definition / competitors
a. Define the main industries that Target competes in, support your conclusion.
b. Choosing the industry in 2a that contributes most to Target’s revenue, create a ‘Strategy Canvas’. Briefly discuss Target’s value proposition as opposed to the competition.

3) Industry profitability: Porter’s 5 forces
a. Focusing on the same industry in 2b, conduct a Porter’s 5 forces analysis. For each of the five forces, draw a conclusion about the strength of the force and explain your conclusion with supporting logic. The explanation of your conclusion is more important than your conclusion. Address each force in a separate paragraph. Do not provide a graphic.
b. Porter argues that often it is one or two of the forces that are primarily responsible for the profitability dynamics in an industry. Therefore, draw an overall conclusion about the relative profitability of the industry by discussing the main (1-2) forces impacting industry profitability.

4) Industry Change:
a. Apply a PEST analysis. Identify and discuss macro environmental forces likely to influence the evolution and profitability of the industry discussed in (3). If possible, indicate how you think industry profitability will change and why. Support your work.

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