You work for a finance company that makes profit by investing in stocks of publicly traded companies. As a part of the job, you have been asked to prepare the balance sheet, with key financial ratios, of Yahoo Inc! for the period ending 06/30/2015.
Create one workbook with two worksheets: (1) Balance Sheet (2) Key Financial Ratios
A sample balance sheet with key financial ratios for Procter & Gamble Co. (PG) period ending 6/30/2010 is included for reference format.

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Yahoo! Inc.
Period Ending 30.jun.15

Current Assets USD "000"
Cash And Cash Equivalents $1.188.169
Short Term Investments 4.636.152
Net Receivables 985.105
Inventory -
Other Current Assets 771.506
Total Current Assets 7.580.932
Long Term Investments 35.052.034 ...

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