Food Borne Sickness: Hillandale Farm and Wright County Eggs’ Contamination (320 words)

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Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:
• Analyze evidence to determine the presence of foodborne illness outbreaks.
• Recognize risks associated with high-risk populations.

There are many costs for a food service establishment that are related to having a foodborne illness outbreak. Describe a recent foodborne illness outbreak and the associated cost. As you discuss the associated cost, you will want to discuss the monetary costs involved (you may need to estimate them). Examples of potential costs include: total cost, sick days, public relations, cleaning, health care bills, and any other associated costs. Please be mindful in choosing a foodborne illness outbreak with known costs. If the outbreak is too recent, then the costs may not be known yet.

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Food borne disease is any ailment that results from consumption of contaminated food, natural toxic, parasites, pathogenic bacteria, or chemicals. In the USA, approximately 48 million people get sick of food borne illnesses annually. Out of these sicknesses, approximately...
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