Critically appraise various methodologies and equipment used for nutritional analysis.

• Imagine that this is the Grand Opening of your hospital’s “Nutrition Center.” As a member of the clinical nutrition team you have played a part in the development of this nutrition, wellness and weigh loss center’s development. Therefore, when the first patients begin to sign up for nutrition assessments you are eager to use some of the new nutrition programs and nutrition assessment tools. In this assignment you will be analyzing a client’s dietary intake record and providing a summary of their nutrient intake. Upon analyzing the client’s nutritional intake you will also discuss other methods and equipment that can be used to accurately assess the client’s nutrition status.

Description of client:
• MM is a 40 year old Hispanic mother of 3 teenage children who works as a counselor in a job placement bureau.
• Occasionally smokes a cigarette when she is stressed – maybe 5 per week
• Uses stairs at work, is tired at night when she gets home
• The children’s birth weight ranged from 9-1/2 - 11 lbs.
• Family history of heart disease, diabetes, cancer
• Blood pressure was 140/92
• Height 165 cm (5’ 5”),
• Weight 93 kg (205 lbs.).
• Glucose test values (GTT) were 300 mg/dl at 1 hour, 248 mg/dl at 2 hours and 195 mg/dl at 3 hours.
• Serum cholesterol was 250 mg, HDL 36, LDL 200
• Triglycerides 200 mg/dl.
• Medications: Glucophage, Lexapro, multi-vitamin
• Eats 2-3 meals per day, eating goodies at the office
• Irregular bowel movements
• 24 hour recall: • Breakfast –granola bar and a 12 oz Diet coke
• Lunch: Large bowl of cream of broccoli and cheese soup and a sandwich with: luncheon meat turkey (about 3-4 ounces), lettuce, tomato and 2 Tbsp. of mayonnaise from the cafeteria at work.
• Large sweet tea
• Snack : 2 glazed doughnuts in break room
• Snickers Candy bar on the way home
• Dinner: Stouffers Lasagna: about 2 portions
• Small salad with 3 Tbsp. ranch dressing. (made from a salad kit)
• 1 piece of Texas Toast
• 2 cans diet coke
• Bowl of chocolate chip Ice cream before bed

Choose a dietary analysis program ( or others available on the internet and enter all of the client’s food into the program, Design a chart that includes a summary of the nutritional intake.
This should include:
-exact food description/food list and serving size that was entered into the program
-total calories
-total fat
-total carbohydrates
-total fiber
-total protein
-total sodium
-include at least 4 or more vitamins or minerals
Upon reviewing the client’s intake and other information about the client, choose other nutritional assessment methods or tools that can be used to accurately assess the client’s overall nutrition status. When choosing which nutrition assessment tools and methods to use, please provide evidence and reasoning as to why each method or tool is necessary to provide an accurate and complete nutrition assessment of this patient.

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Business Assignment: Food Service Management

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